2021 Year End Campaign


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About the campaign

year end picnicYear End Campaign (2021) - support the general operations of Friends of Sullivan - funds needed to operate the organization (our website, marketing, other critical administrative functions), and also the projects and initiatives that come up unexpectedly - events and functions requested by Principal Thomas. Examples of ways in which FOS has stepped forward when asked:

  • Graduation event in June, 2021: when faced with our need to accommodate an outdoor graduation event at Lane Tech, FOS funding allowed the school to rent seats, a podium and sound system for graduation. As a result of FOS support, the Class of 2021 had a dignified and spirited event, after such a troubling and challenging school year.
  • Refugee Thanksgiving Celebrations - Funds from previous year end campaigns allowed us to proceed with our signature event, the Refugee Thanksgiving Celebrations (2017 - 2019 (2020 was virtual) - amazing events attended by up to 150 students, families, staff and community members;
  • Teacher Appreciation Luncheon - In May, 2019, during more normal times, FOS was able to fund an all important Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, which honored the staff as well as retiring staff members (May, 2019); By funding our year end campaign, the Friends of Sullivan can be responsive to the needs of the students, often bringing that special something extra that can make school a fulfilling and honorable experience for students and faculty alike.
  • Scholarship Fund (annual) -
  • Scholarships may take many different forms and address the needs of many deserving students completing high school and starting life in a new college experience.
    Think of the challenges immigrants and refugees face in their new school environment.. Think of the unexpected expenses that any under resourced student may face selecting and visiting a college and then transitioning to an exciting new opportunity.
    Friends of Sullivan’s Scholarship Committee will see that any scholarships will meet the goals and direction set by the Principal. Please contribute to our Scholarship fund and create exciting and important opportunities for deserving Sullivan students.
  • MLK Middle School Hoop Tournament (2019 and 2020) - In 2019 and 2020, the FOS has underwritten the cost for a Martin Luther King Day tournament. There was no tournament in 2021 due to COVID-19 health saefty concerns.
    Friends of Sullivan is currently planning to organize and fund two tournaments in 2021 - one for middle school boys, on MLK Day, 2021, and our first tournament for middle school girls - and with the new gym soon scheduled to open, the first tournament actually held at Sullivan.
    Your contributions towards this initiative can help us throw these engaging and highly important tournaments, which helps familiarize so many of our neighborhood students with the advantages of attending their exceptional local high school.

Among the prior projects and campaigns initiated and completed by FOS:

  • Ceramics Kiln for Art Department (GOAL ACHIEVED - 1/20)
  • Books for Global Center (GOAL ACHIEVED 8-19)
  • Ellen Glasser Global Center (GOAL ACHIEVED 6-19)

A great way to help Friends of Sullivan achieve our goals is to contribute to our “Year End Campaign.” An unrestricted gift offers our Board the funds needed to respond to needs that arise during the year.

For instance, with only two weeks notice, Principal Thomas learned that CPS was locating the graduation ceremony to Lane Tech High School. Yet, he lacked the funds to cover necessities as a sound system, a podium and seats. Due to the generosity of our funders, Friends of Sullivan covered the cost and the graduating students had a wonderful, uplifting ceremony as a result.

Similarly, Principal Thomas requested funds so that graduating Seniors who missed out on so much this past year due to Covid could enjoy a festive year end picnic. Thanks to Friends of Sullivan support, two days prior to graduation, over 70 students and faculty enjoyed the year end event.

Finally, fund raised in our Year End campaign can cover some of our basic administrative costs: website design and web hosting, bookkeeping and accounting fees. We keep these fees to an absolute minimum - but they are necessary expenditures in order for us to accomplish our goals.

Please contribute to Friends of Sullivan’s Year End Campaign and help us make a difference!

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