On Wednesday, June 7, the Friends of Sullivan hosted its 2nd annual scholarship banquet to celebrate the award of scholarships to eighteen deserving graduates, chosen by Principal Cooks, Assistant Principal Spear and the school's guidance counselors.

The evening was a festive gathering, with speeches, games and even an overview of financial literacy skills offered by Wintrust Bank.

Who spoke?

  • Friends of President - Mike Glasser
  • Assistant Principal - Addison Spear
  • Wintrust Banker - Ana Popoca
  • 2021 Scholarship Winner - Victoria Amandienze
  • 1963 Alumna - Barbara Edelstein Burnes 

South of the Border Restaurant on Morse served a terrific venue. Thanks to owner Antonio Diaz, who went through a special effort to provide an Halal option. 

Below are photos of each of the 18 scholarship winners. Congrats to you all!

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Besides scholarships, there are other significant ways you can support the students at Roger C. Sullivan High School, and it need not only be with money. On the money side, consider donating to our Student Success Fund, which helps us honor specific requests made by Principal Cooks. Alternatively do you have ideas of ways to support the school? Please reach out to us with your ideas.

On Wednesday, September 8, join the New Press, Sullivan High School, and the Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights for a conversation on the new book Refugee High: Copming of Age in America

Author Elly Fishman will be joined in conversation by Sullivan alum Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (IL-09), and current Sullivan High School students about their thoughts on Refugee High, being a refugee or immigrant student at Sullivan today, and how the school and neighborhood have evolved over time.

Sullivan Solidarity Fund

As of now, the Sullivan High School Solidarity Fund has delivered $250 checks to 30 Sullivan families. Thirty families who really needed the money.

For example: a 12th grade student, living with an aunt and a grandmother, was referred by one of her teachers. The student, recently traumatized by the shooting death of a friend, learned in May that her grandmother had Covid-19. Among all the associated worries, grandmother lost the job that held her family together. The student’s studies were not then her first priority.

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