Our Vision



Our Vision is to create a space where Sullivan's English Learning students can…

Effectively Study

Effectively Study

and learn in an area for individual mentoring and instruction and group work

Feel Safe

Feel Safe

away from the pressures of attending an urban school focused on a foreign language

Be a Resource

Be a Resource

for their families, as social service agencies can use the room to reach students and help their families adapt*

4th Annual Thanksgiving Celebration

Participate in a pre-Thanksgiving Virtual Celebration with the Sullivan community, and help some Sullivan families in need.

Don't miss this memorable hour with:

  • Sullivan Students, Faculty and Staff
  • Members of the Rogers Park Community
  • Sullivan High School Alumni

Register NowAnd join our Newcomers Program faculty and staff, as we:

  • Meet our students
  • Tour the School (including impressive renovations)
  • Enjoy a Student performance

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Please Help the Sullivan Solidarity Fund attain their $25,000 goal; funds will directly benefit Sullivan’s community of refugee and immigrant students - many experiencing tremendous challenges as a result of COVID.


Solidarity Now

Sullivan Solidarity Fund

As of now, the Sullivan High School Solidarity Fund has delivered $250 checks to 30 Sullivan families. Thirty families who really needed the money.

For example: a 12th grade student, living with an aunt and a grandmother, was referred by one of her teachers. The student, recently traumatized by the shooting death of a friend, learned in May that her grandmother had Covid-19. Among all the associated worries, grandmother lost the job that held her family together. The student’s studies were not then her first priority.

Happily, grandmother eventually recovered, and is back to working part time, but without her income while she was ill, the family became food insecure. The student’s family was not eligible for governmental assistance, making the crisis more acute. They needed help.

After the Solidarity Fund awarded the cash assistance, the grandmother was contacted to say the committee could give a small donation to help out. She was “very pleased.”

That simple expression of thanks was enough. “And there are another six families approved,” explained Sullivan social worker Noe Torres, one of the quintet of organizers who have put together an in-school network for identifying at-risk students, and in forging an outside non CPS structure for handling funds properly. And then, along with many Sullivan staffers, put in their own money to get it going.

Mr. Torres is quick to add that $250 isn’t a lot of buying power, but that as a stopgap it can be a Godsend. “It doesn’t fix things, but…it can help feed a family for a month.”

It can also be a small ray of sunshine for people under increasing pressure and uncertainty: Your school community cares and wants to help.

“The dimensions of the need is alarming me into action,” says Torres. He credits Sullivan teachers Rebecca Coven and Dayna Heller for the inspiration.

“Dayna and Rebecca sent out an email with the idea and we joined.” That “we” includes social worker Josh Zepeda and counsellor Jason Brookes.

Altogether the team’s GoFundMe page has helped to raise just about $13,000 on its $20,000 campaign goal. “Honestly,” says, Torres, “We need to see what else we can do besides GoFundMe to tap into people’s sense of responsibility. The need will get worse before it gets better.” If you would care to help out: https://charity.gofundme.com/o/en/campaign/sullivan-high-school-solidarity-fund

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Sullivan Solidarity Fund

The pandemic has hit all of us hard. But it has hit some of us harder than others.

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Counseling Suite

A new counseling suite is a high priority for the Sullian community. The project is temporarily suspended until Chicago Public Schools completes the roof project in the Summer of 2021.

Ellen Glasser Global Center

The most significant Friends of Sullivan project to date, the FOS fully funded the conversion of Sullivan’s tired and less than functional library space into The Ellen Glasser Global Center, an exciting new space that promotes learning and fellowship among Sullivans English Learner population as well as the rest of the student body.